Hilltop Cottages at Lake Willoughby

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Some Interesting Facts about Lake Willoughby:


  • Lake Willoughby is listed as a Natural National Landmark.
  • Willoughby State Forest encircles the lake's southern end and includes Mount Pisgah and Mount Hor that make for the lake's resemblance to a Norwegian Fjord.
  • Yankee Magazine names Lake Willoughby, Westmore, Vermont as "the third best lake in New England" 2010
  • The famous poet, Robert Frost, camped in Westmore, Vermont accompanied by his family in 1909.
  • The lake is home to the Peregrine Falcon, once an endangered species. Loon have also been seen enjoying the waters of Lake Willoughby. The cliffs of Mount Psgah and Mount Hor provide a natural habitat for the rare falcon.
  • The Lake is the deepest lake in Vermont, with depths exceeding 300 feet.
  • Lake Willoughby held the world's record for the largest trout ever caught through the ice. The fish weighed in at 39 pounds, (18kg)


Hike To The Top

Enjoy a mild to moderate climb on Willoughby State Forest Hiking Trails.  Climb Mount Pisgah for breathtaking views.  Free and open to the general public. Hiking Trail Info


Bike Rentals available at East Burke Sports


Kayak Rentals available at White Caps Campground in Westmore, Vermont




Area Information

Westmore, VT

Jay Peak Resort

Hilltop Cottages at Lake Willoughby

Hilltop Cottages at Lake Willoughby

Hilltop Cottages at Lake Willoughby

Hilltop Cottages at Lake Willoughby